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ABBYY Lingvo Multilingual is a dictionary application for PC
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ABBYY Lingvo is a set of comprehensive, trustworthy and up-to-date dictionaries plus instant translation features. It contains about 7,400,000 entries in 128 dictionaries and provides translation of words and word combinations from Russian to English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Latin and back. Its library includes general, professional, specialized, regional, explanatory dictionaries as well as thesauri, phrasebooks, dictionaries of idioms and abbreviations, the majority of which are electronic versions of the most authorita­tive and up-to-date printed dictionaries such as Collins. Each dictionary entry contains actual and detailed information on each word including various translations and meanings, many word-use examples from real sources (books, newspapers and other publications), grammar references, synonyms, antonyms, variant spellings, phonetic transcriptions and pronunciations.ABBYY Lingvo comes in three versions: Multilingual (128 dictionaries, 10 languages), European (110 dictionaries, 6 languages), and English-Russian (50 dictionaries, 2 languages). All in all, ABBYY Lingvo 12 is perfect for translators, businesspersons, students, and travelers.

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  • Great value for its price
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